You are invited to contact me now to schedule a very informative "Buyer Introduction Session", with no obligation.  We'll review the process of how to identify the best properties for your consideration after discussing your "wish list", goals and expectations.

First-time buyers and future residents will benefit from a complete understanding of the process of purchasing a property in our local market.  When you understand the process, all the major factors involved, and establish a time frame for making a property purchase; this will help you make correct decisions comfortably at the right time.

Experienced investors and home owners will benefit from learning how to identify market trends specifically related to your areas of interest, type of property and price range.  Discover the advantage of considering "off the market properties", which were previously for sale on the multiple listing service (MLS) before the listing "expired" or was "terminated".

By properly addressing all your concerns and questions, getting to know each other during the session, we will then be in a position to move forward confidently as a team when the time is right for you, committed to your success in purchasing the ideal property that meets all your requirements, hopefully exceeds your expectations, but most importantly represents excellent value in the current market. 

"Buyer Introduction Session"

Benefits of Working with a Realtor

Professional representation of your best interests throughout the process.

"My primary interest are your best interests".

Save time and money, avoid unnecessary risk.

Be successful with guidance and education about our local market.

A Realtor

Introduction, service ethic,  goal with our client.

Determine Budget / Lender Pre-Approval

Very important starting point, so easy to do.

Selecting a Realtor / What to Expect

Criteria for selecting your Realtor.

Agency Relationships, description and function.

How Realtors get paid.

Finding The Best Home or Excellent Investment Property 

Search process, what's involved, and how it's focused by you.

How your Realtor selects appropriate properties for you to view.

Open Houses & Property Tours.

Expectations, and why your regular feedback is so important.

"Terminated & Expired listings", some might be worth consideration.

Benefits of good communication with your Realtor.

Strata Properties: overview and important information.

Needs, Wants & Budget.

Making it all work for you with a thorough understanding.

Making an Offer to Purchase a Property

Timeline for an offer, presentation to removal of final subjects.

Components of an offer.

Subjects: what they are, for whose benefit, how they work, timeframe & removal.

Offer scenarios: competing offers, non-competing offers, "back-up offers", and overpriced properties

Strategies to be successful in today's market.

Upon Offer Acceptance

Subject removal period, due dilligence, date deposit required.

Reviewing documents, what to expect, how to understand it all.

Scheduling a building inspection, why it's considered important, and putting the findings in perspective.

Completing the Purchase

What to do after subject removal and before completion date.

Lawyer / Notary for conveyance, insurance, statement of adjustments, financing preparations. 

Expectations for the completion date, keys, condition of residence.

What to expect from your Realtor after completion date, resolve outstanding issues, follow-up, ongoing services.

Contract of Purchase & Sale

Review a sample contract, so you'll completely understand it before we need to use it.

Discuss Your Needs, Wants, Expectations and Time Frame

Understanding what is important to you is the foundation for moving forward in a positive manner.

Reviewing market conditions and arranging a plan for you.