Marketing your home effectively, with leading edge techniques, helping you properly prepare the residence for sale, professionally representing all the features of your residence and making the required disclosures, are some of the many things your agent should do very well. 

The most important aspect is providing you with an accurate, honest understanding of the current market value of your property, so you can make a well informed decision when given clear options to select. Then expect to receive constant support and continual updates throughout the process of selling your home or investment property.

Frequently, a realtor's current market evaluation of a Seller's home may not meet their expectations. When this happens, it requires difficult work, and some agents do it well, unfortunately other realtors ignore the problem which only makes it worse.  Telling a Seller what they want to hear in relation to an "expected sold price range" for their home, might help some agents get the listing; however, if it's not reality-based, the property will not sell being "overpriced", which wastes valuable time, and causes bad relations between client and agent. In a market with too much inventory and fewer sales, the above scenario could lead to a Seller losing money in a "declining market", if the property is not sold in a timely manner.

Being a professional, who endeavours to honestly and tactfully mend differences between a client's expectations and the reality of current market conditions is the key to success.  Great effort is taken to ensure every client understands how a home evaluation is made, why various options might be presented for selling the property in today's market, and reasons for suggestions about preparing the residence for sale.  

A "straightforward", open, honest line of communication is made throughout the process.  The aim is to empower the client with an improved understanding of the current market and provide the best options to consider for desired results. Expect your decision to be supported and made a reality by your agent. 

Realtors evaluate homes and provide you with an "expected sold price range" for your property in the current market conditions.  A thorough market analysis is prepared and reviewed with you to ensure a complete understanding without cost and no obligation.

Pricing your property is very important, price it too low and you'll likely sell below market value, price it too high and potential buyers will not schedule a viewing. 

A Realtor with experience will be able to offer you  suggestions for maintenance, repairs or renovations, to improve the selling price of your property. An interior designer or home staging service might be utilized in certain circumstances.

Realtors are marketing professionals, with plans to ensure your home is properly advertised to the public, and focused on the "target buyer group".  Your home willl be listed on the "MLS", Multiple Listing Service, which all realtors (with buyer clients) have access to, in addition to the "RealtyLink" public website. 

Your Realtor schedules appointments for showing your property to "qualified buyers" only during times that best fit your schedule.  Open Houses are often useful, especially with new listings, as buyers not yet working with realtors have the opportunity to see your home without calling an agent. 

Selling tenant occupied properties requires the skill of an experienced agent who can quickly build rapport with your tenant.  Without co-operation from the tenant for access to conduct showings, and keeping the residence clean and tidy, we face a serious challenge to overcome.  So, it's best to carefully plan how to first approach your tenant with news that we intend to sell your investment property now. 

You have rights, and your tenant has rights, when both parties thoroughly understand their position, and that of each other, it helps get things going in the right direction. One simple tool is having your realtor meet with the tenant to arrange a "pre-planned restricted showing schedule". Your tenant will then realize minimal inconvenience is involved throughout the sales process and their valued time at home will be respected.

Realtors earn a living working hard, but more importantly being very smart while successfully negotiating the best price, terms and conditions for you, then closing the deal. With a complete understanding of legal contracts related to the purchase & sale of residential properties, required on-going professional development, and thorough knowledge of all the obligations involved in selling your home; why try to do it alone?

Select a Realtor and gain the advantage!

Free Current Market Evaluation with No Obligation

How Much is Your Property Worth in Today's Market?

For most people, their home is their largest investment, or perhaps you own several investment properties?  Why not stay informed about the current market value of your real estate investment?  Contact me now to schedule a free current market evaluation on your property.  Be informed about forecasts for future local market trends.

Thinking of making a move this year or selling an investment property, discover the importance of forecasting trends within a specific market segment related directly to your property.

A current market evaluation of your property is a process of client education, when completed you will surely understand how a "expected sold price range" was determined for your home or investment property.  By reviewing "comparable recently sold and currently listed properties in your area", you will easily be able to draw your own conclusions.  We also review recently "terminated and expired listings" of comparable properties to highlight what is not selling and why. "Current Market Value" is largely determined by recently sold comparables and influenced by other closely comparable active listings in your neighbourhood. Evaluate your home today, without cost and no obligation.  Contact me now to arrange a meeting, how much is your property worth in today's market?